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Rain deflector with Lotus Effect Yellow Bottle 250ml
5,90 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
2,36 EUR per 100 ml
Shipping time: 1-2 days
Product no.: 2028G
Weight: 0.300 Kg.
Manufacturer part number: 2028_Gelb

Rain deflector with Lotus Effect

1 bottle of 250ml

Quality at low prices !

makes all glass plastic and metal - surfaces

water repellent for months.

Economical and easy to use!

A fine polymer layer fills in the microscopic pores of the surface.

This dirt has no change to fix itself.

The effect of the lotus flower for visors, car and window panes.

The wind is your additional wipers.

Better visibility in rain, snow and sleet.

The rain deflector lets rain and sleet easily rolls off.

Facilitates cleaning and ice scraping the winter.

Resistant to oil, dirt, bird droppings and insects.


Wear the rain deflector on the windscreen of your car.

There remain hardly annoying insects, dirt, oil or other residues more on the windshield stick, so you already need almost no wipers in inner-city speed.

Think. To the autumn and winter with lots of rain, sleet and snowfall

Who now provides clear and lasting vision has fewer problems later.

Icy windows and laborious scraping ice belongs to the past.

When it rains, you have much better view as the water runs off quickly and cleanly.

They protect your wipers when it rains and so reduce wear your wipers significantly.

No burn-in of brake dust on your aluminum wheels, no sticking of insects.

The rain removes dirt and pollen is washed away.

Dirt, oil, tar, bird droppings and insects have no chance to fix itself.


No limescale on sinks, tile, shower walls, mirror, toilet.

No hassle of peeling or stropping more.

Your shower will stay dry! Water and lime are simply dismissed.

Wall tiles, washing and toilet bowls, faucets everything "unverschmutzbar".

The water runs now easily from these surfaces now and leaves no lime deposits.

Enter the Regenabweiser such. B. on your mirror (exactly on the application).

Hairspray, water splashes, dust, etc. have no chance ...!


Window cleaning only 1 to 2 times a year!

The rain removes dirt and pollen on the window frames.

Ideal for inaccessible areas, for example, Conservatories.

Wipe also your TV with it, and prevent you so that fixes dust.

And you think times your blinds ....!

Stainless steel hoods, windows, etc .....


Even on your computer screen, you can use this product.

Save yourself so the annoying dusting the screen.


Once applied to the visor, the lotus effect ensures that you always have a clear view.

Other possible uses include helmet, wheels, tank, seat, trim, etc.

RVs, boats

environmentally conscious alternative to Antifauling, almost no attachment of moss and algae.


Clean surfaces thoroughly and make fat free.

Give rain deflector on a dry cloth and apply circular.

After a veil has formed on the surface, Rain deflector apply again.

Then lightly sprinkle with water and rub dry with a clean cloth.

Repeat treatment once a month to ensure optimal protection.

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